Monday, March 10, 2008

Feather your NeST

In my momentary cleaning mode this weekend, I was feeling rather satisfied with myself and while at Target was looking at this candle thinking it might keep my homekeeping mojo going. In fact, I had looked at this candle so many times on other trips to Target that Brady finally said to me on Saturday, "Mom! just buy it for crying outloud!" So I did. It's so clean and fresh and SO not my usual vanilla. And it IS doing it's part to help me stay a little more on track with the picking up and cleaning around here. I don't know what happened to me. I did pretty good around the holidays and after the first of the year, but sometime during the month of February I just lost control. And it shows!

So I'm sorting and cleaning and weeding through. And finding inspiration to keep motivated. A daily source of inspiration for me comes from Rebecca Sower. I wish I could adapt her gentle attitudes in my own life. She is so inspiring whether or not you are artistique or trying to stay motivated to clean. Saw this on her blog HERE and so had to pull out this silver tray I found while shopping last summer for Grandma Alice's soiree and give it the Rebecca treatment. Now if that doesn't inspire more spring cleaning and nesting, I don't know what will.

Need to breathe some life into our surroundings in a big way. As Spring makes her grand entrance we'll have a hearty list of things to accomplish so we're making our list and prioritizing. Along with some unfinished projects from this winter it will be nice to realize some of these to completion. But for now, we catch up on the basics and make lists of things that need to be cared for once the weather breaks. And find inspiration not only from the blooms peaking out and the occassional warm sunny day, but also from the pages of the newest ME Home Companion magazine.

My issue arrived today with features on two of my favorite blog girls-Heather Bailey and Jenni Bowlin.
This is Jenni's featured project. Besides the birds and the buttons, I just love the whole sentiment behind this project. I have two little bird cages like that in my trunk just waiting to be revamped-may have to use this idea for one of them. (Don't ask why they're in my trunk!)

I had a fairly productive weekend overall and even managed to get a couple creative things going.
Making these inspired by the Red Lead gals for teacher gifts. Covering those box lids is not as easy as it looks, but I love all the layers and how the gold pulls it all together. Also, started working on a little something for the Sunday School kids using the new Garden Party paper from Making Memories .
Need to have 18 more completed by this weekend to distribute since we won't have class on Easter Sunday. Still didn't get to my Bellatoria project, but I'm going to work on it a little tonight-my reward for getting the rest of the kitchen picked up. So hopefully, I'll have something to share tomorrow.

Finally, I haven't found something in awhile where I screamed in the store and then have to look around and make sure noone's looking at me like I'm crazy.
But I found this at TJ Maxx on Sunday. Beautiful photos, great projects with instructions and only $4.99!
Other terrific finds at Marshalls and the local antique mall-could've spent twice as much there especially, but I didn't. See? I'm getting better. Now, if I could just stop obsessing over the stuff I passed up!

Okay, gotta go or I won't get anything accomplished today. BTW, there's a great little essay at the end of the ME Home Companion magazine about mom's who sew for the family. Yep, couldn't read it without crying-love you, Mom. Hope you're having a good day today.

Until tomorrow, I'll be the one shakin' my tail and struggling to feather my nest. Or at least getting the laundry put away and the kitchen table cleaned off!


Mom said...

I think you are great and very creative. You have an eye for spotting things in your interest zone. Sometimes creating beauty and art are more important than having an orderly environment.
Love you.

Cathy said...

Love the birds nest and all your finds. So glad you are having fun and still creating. Keep it up, it's good for the soul.