Saturday, March 29, 2008

Button, Button

Do you remember the game Button, Button. Who's got the button? Loved that game as a little girl. And my love affair with buttons didn't end there. Today, I truly have the buttons!

My favorite store, Robin's Nest had a HUGE sale today and I scored big time in the button department. I don't know if you can tell just how large a container these are in (got this there as well in my favorite hob knob milk glass), but these are just the white, cream, gold and silver buttons from today's purchase.

This is after I sorted them-the red and yellow ones with the yellow thimble and red buckle are so fun. It was like a treasure hunt within a treasure hunt searching for one more special after the other as I dug through each bag. Lots of shoe buttons, cut glass and pretty, pretty blue and pink. I even grabbed up the sweet little basket they were all stacked in along with a few button cards.

Not sure what it is about me and buttons. Maybe it's because my mom has always been a seamstress. I remember a large round metal tin she had when we were growing up that was decorated with an oriental pattern. My mom used to store buttons and extra sewing notions in it. Whenever we would need an item for a school or craft project she would send us to look in the tin for something we might be able to use. There were always buttons. And a favorite toy my mom used to make us (and now the grandkids) was made with an oversize button and string-I loved the magic and whirring sound these two simple items produced. There is something comforting and familiar about buttons to me and their texture can add so much to the things I like to create. So this was button heaven for me today!

It was so much fun racing to be one of the first ones there on a dreary day I would've just rather slept in. Turned out to be SO worth getting up and out early today. Got several other great items including this lampshade I'll switch out for summer (only $5!)
and this, this was my very favorite purchase of the day-besides the buttons, of course!

Can you imagine who might have been lucky enough to carry this to school? Well, now it will house some of my vintage supplies. Fun, fun, fun!

I vowed to go home and get everything cleaned up and put away to store for future use so I'd better finish up. I'm even super motivated to get down to the studio to work on sorting and purging. Better run as the day will be over before I have a chance to get much accomplished. Think I'll work a little and then play a little-several projects I want to work on and/or finish up.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


MOM said...

Oh wow! What a bunch of buttons. Your mind must be spinning with ideas on how to use them. I loved to see you write about the old metal sewing box. That was a special gift given to me by a special sister-in-law. Your sister has it now so you can still see it when you want to.

cindy said...

what wonderful finds...not sure which is my fav, but all adorable! Looks and sounds like an awesome shop.


becky said...

awesome finds!!!