Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. -Ernestine Ulmer

As is typical for me, I've already planned the table decorations LOOOONG before planning the actual Easter meal. Yep, and this was the inspiration. My first completed Bellatoria project.

I had SO much fun with this. I used vintage earbobs, millinery and mother of pearl buttons. Added a little wallpaper scrap and some glitter and TA-DA! instant crowning glory. She was supposed to get a "welcome" sash, but I wanted to use the rosaries I've been collecting instead. Poor thing, she's one of those pieces that comes with a tag that says, "not for outside use". Yeah, well, I didn't pay attention to that and now she's flaking and looking very shabby-don't look too close. IRL she is really very pretty with all her finery.

Although we may or may not have a sit down meal for Easter Sunday, at least we already have the centerpiece!


Tammy said...

sooooo pretty.

Mom said...

I wonder what your attraction to rosaries is because they are so Catholic. For years I had a picture of the bleeding heart Jesus on my vanity because it reminded me of my paternal grandma. Maybe they are just pretty.

becky said...

how pretty! i hope you show us your Easter table :)