Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Christmas Story

Well, I've lived to tell. A week ago I didn't think that would be the case! So much to do and it always seems like so little time to get it all done. But in the end, it's always so worth it. This is proof of that. See those happy faces? Lots of memories made. So grateful for all of my many blessings. Especially, my family and being able to spend time together. It truly is one of our favorite places to be.

Short post tonight as I'm still recovering from all the hoopla. Looking forward to getting back to a "normal" schedule in a week or so, but trying to enjoy this time to snuggle in and relax a little. Hope this finds everyone basking in the warm glow of sweet Christmas memories.


Tammy said...

Great pictures!

Miss said...

Yes, great pictures. Can I get a copy? Pretty please.