Wednesday, December 19, 2007

O, Tannenbaum

Our tree is finally up. Thanks in no small part to Mom. I was so touched this afternoon when she shared why it was so important to her that we get our tree up every year (it's always such a struggle for me). Mom said one year their family had nothing at all for Christmas and my grandmother was frustrated and angry and didn't want to even put up a tree. Mom said she and her sisters and brother were really disappointed and upset. So that's why every year Mom stays on me until I get with the program and get a tree up. Several years, my sister, Marisa has picked up the baton even so far as to accompany me to the Christmas tree lot. Mom, thanks for reminding me what a privilege it is to have a tree with twinkling lights, beautiful decorations and a warm home in which to display it. Now it seems more official that Christmas is coming.

Let the merriment begin!


Miss said...

We are truly blessed, as a family each our own and as a whole.

Mom said...

Tears. The Christmas tree is the heart of the house at this time of year. Don't ya think???
Great picture of our Brady.

Tammy said...

Merry Christmas to you dear friend.
Enjoy the holiday with your wonderful family.