Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Favorite Things

Updated: photos added. Thanks for your patience!

I was driving to work this morning listening to my newest Christmas cd-Michael W Smith's, It's A Wonderful Christmas and as I noticed the geese flying against the grey sky, I was reminded of the song, My Favorite Things. You know the line, "...wild geese that fly with the moon on their wing"? In keeping with the favorite things theme, I thought I'd share of few of my favorite things this holiday season. I hope some of you will leave a comment and share some of your favorites of the season as well. ;)

  • Clementine oranges

  • Peppermint everything-have you had the Trader Joe's peppermint cookies? YUM!

  • Handmade gifts (the photo is my fav one to make so far this year)

Love all the sources for inspiration this year. Have you been watching Martha? She had darling make it yourself tassel earrings and handmade cufflinks and leather cardholders on her show today. CUTE! You can find info on the Blueprint or Martha's website. Love what she said about blogging today and how she interacted with her young editors.

  • The music of Christmas-loving my newest one by Smitty-all of his Christmas cd's are among my favorites, but this one is just beautiful. Also love old favorites from Jewel, Shawn Colvin, The Isaacs, Harry Connick. Music definitely sets the mood-makes grey skies soothing and comforting, especially after seeing them daily for a couple weeks! The Pottery Barn Christmas collections are wonderful, BTW.

  • Memories of childhood Christmases, but also memories of travelling with the (college) choir at Christmas-those were magical times. Our professor loved Christmas and it was a highlight to visit their home after our "home" concert to see their magnificent tree and vast collection of heirloom ornaments. This is the photo of Jeff I mentioned in a previous post.

  • Packaging-check your junk mail this time of year for lots of eye candy and inspiration. Are you collecting the stamps from your Christmas cards? HINT: anything in a cellophane bag looks great!

  • Cherry red, bright blue and green with silver AND gold-very vintage, but also loving soft blue and pink and white, always lots and lots of white.

  • Comfort & Joy E-zine-best thing I could've done to stay inspired and get my handmade gifts completed this year.

  • The Figgy Pudding line of doublesided papers from Basic Grey. Here are the pocket cards I made with some of those papers. I love this idea!

  • Martha's Christmas line at Macy's-have you seen the butterfly boxes/ornaments? Beautiful!

  • Velvet ribbon

  • The Holiday (my new must watch dvd this time of year), but also love Holiday Inn, Christmas In Connecticut and White Christmas.

  • Starbucks gift cards-pass the cheer!

And, if you're keeping track there are only 12 more shopping/getting ready for Christmas days left! It's crazy how we all dash about at this time of year, isn't it? And dash away I must--don't forget to share your favorites!


Anonymous said...

A few of my favorite things:
Cold snow flakes on my nose
friends coming to visit

Mom said...

Fooey! I wanted to see the pics. Favorite things? my kids and grand kids of course. Clementines are good. Having my sewing room to create in. Chocolate with nuts.

Mis said...

Hey! Can you bring one of your gift card holders tomorrow. They are really cute.

Tammy said...

**watching tv with just the christmas tree lights on
**hot tea
**lots of Christmas music --even the cheezy songs that won't get out of your head
**cozy blankets and comfy sweats
geez, it sounds like I just want to curl up on the couch, doesn't it??

Anonymous said...

A long time customer came in the flower shop today with a little giftie for us - a package of Trader Joe's Peppermint Jo-Jo's. OMG! One little nibble and suddenly I was a wee girl at Christmas time - filled with joy and excitement - the evocative power of scent and taste is amazing (as are these cookies!). Definitely one of my new favorite things!