Saturday, December 08, 2007

Holiday Vignettes

Thought I'd share of few of the vignettes that are coming together as I pull out our Christmas decorations. I've been particularly inspired this year by Rebecca Sower and Heather Bullard. I know I've mentioned them before, but you can check them out on their blogs HERE and HERE. BTW, Heather has a fantastic online store and you can purchase handmade art by Rebecca from her Etsy shop.

So fun to get all the decorations out each year. Like visiting old friends. Some of these are old favorites-special finds. This is one of my very favorites.
This is Sad Tom-seriously, that's the name the designer gave him. They are very hard to find as are the Billy Buttons snowmen that Dept 56 put out years ago. I always place Sad Tom near the photo of Jeff as a toddler crying on Santa's lap. Jeff's mom shared this photo with me which was in their hometown paper one Christmas. I'll have to share that later on, but you might be able to see a little peek of it in the background.

Just like everyone at this time of year, I have lots to do. The lists are long and distinguished. Much more than what I actually have time or energy to do! But I'm making progress-I about have the snowman project wrapped up-literally and now I'm on to make a few more things. Loving the homemade holiday idea, but it is time consuming, that's for sure. Super energized by my Comfort & Joy e-zine and so that's really helping to keep the momentum going. Still hope to get the tree up Sunday evening and some baking done this week as well as getting a family photo made and the accompanying cards out.

For now, I'm off to make brownies for my sweetie. Have a wonderful weekend!
P.S. Did anyone see the very cool idea Martha had on her show yesterday using newspaper or other paper scraps, a knitting needle, clay and diamond dust? Very cool. I'm sure the directions are on her website. I hope I get a chance to try it!


Tammy said...

Your snowmen turned out so adorable. I love them! And the teacup on the scale is darling.

Steve said...

Just thought I'd stop by and say hi. I'm from Rebecca's blog. I like the green elf, the star with it's 'brooch'and the pocket cards. Have a Merry Christmas. From Joyce
I'll use my CKMB name for the nickname.

Steve said...

I'm back...went back to see your name over on Rebecca's blog, I'll just have to keep looking on your blog until I sight it. Just so you know, I'm using my hubby's account.I thought I had to use a nickname on this blog, anyway, my name will do. Joyce (okay??? It looks like this comment needs my nickname this time!), Royce