Wednesday, December 05, 2007

DIY Stress Relief

It is only December 5th and already many are feeling the effects of the holiday rush. I was in the post office today and there was nearly a brawl because a worker had changed the number roll and the numbers were all of out order! Finally, someone had the bright idea to line up in the order we came in. Geesh! But, if you are already stressed and can't get from underneath your to-do list then pour yourself a glass of wine, make a cup of tea or grab the chocolate and check out a couple do-it-yourself stress relievers.

The first was sent to me via email tonight. Click on this link to Elf Yourself. You can load up to four different photos and you can even record a message with your own voice. This is hysterical! The only trick is choosing a photo that can be sized correctly. I gave up after awhile, but it is really funny.
The second stress reliever is the project from Day 3 of my Comfort & Joy e-zine. Take several glass Christmas ornaments (I chose gold 'cause that's what I had laying around) and remove the
Place the ornaments in a heavy ziploc bag and seal closed.
Then proceed to break the ornaments into teeny tiny pieces using a rolling pin, icecream scoop
or other heavy object.
This not only relieves stress, but will leave you with beautiful glass glitter shards you can use on
all kinds of holiday projects. It's a two-fer! And if you have broken ornaments this is a great green idea for recycling them into something else. I'll share what I did with my glitter soon. And since this is truly glass glitter, be sure to keep it out of the way of children and pets.

Okay, I'm off to work on my own to do list. If you're feeling stressed I hope you'll try one or both of these. Otherwise, just stop, breathe and remember the reason for the season. :)


alyssa said...

Love this idea! Who knew that stress relief + glass glitter could go together so nicely? :)

Cathy said...

I'm waiting to see what you are creating. When are you going to share?

Jeanne said...

Wasn't this fun to make?