Monday, December 24, 2007

Waitin' For the Man with the Bag

Yes, still blogging. Still wrapping, crafting and other such nonsense. And trying to avoid more cleaning. I've made alot of progress over the last few weeks, but there seems to be a never ending list of things to do. That's how it is when your a procrastinator. Even the best of intentions come back to smack you upside the head for not acting upon them earlier. Oh, well. It will get done and tomorrow I'm focusing on my family and spending time with them. The rest, won't matter at that point. I'll just pick up the ball the next day.

And if you think I'm crazy for the litany of things I'm doing at the final moment, well check this out. Yes, mom couldn't bear that my tree was going topless! She made this star from paper and we glittered it together this afternoon while we made peanut clusters. TA-DA! instant heirloom!See? It runs in the family. :)

I'm off to wait for the man with the big red bag. We've been tracking him on Norad and other sites. Lots of fun with a nine year old who still believes. We've all been ordered to be in bed by 8:50 pm tonight! He just.can't.wait!

1 comment:

Mom said...

A star is set atop a tree
In a home full of love and light.
It shines for all of us to see
As we gather on Christmas night.
We leave with hope that throughout this year
It stays with us as a beacon that again draws us near......