Saturday, December 22, 2007


It's crunch time, folks. If you're the one in your family primarily responsible for holiday happiness you know what I mean. I've been wrapping like a fiend and I'm nearly finished. Just two or three small gifts left and the wrapapalooza at my house will be over. Well, except for a few Santa gifts (ssshh, don't tell!).

I actually enjoy wrapping, but at some point you begin wishing you were through. Here are few of my favorites this year. I hope the recipients enjoy opening them as much as I did getting them ready. You can see I'm clearly a fan of the velvet ribbon!

Well, I'm off to clean up my wrapping mess. Now that I can check that off, I'm on to the many other items on my list. Just in case I don't get back here before the big day, have a wonderful holiday. May the blessings of the season be yours.
Merry Christmas!


Tammy said...

You are definitely the queen of wrapping, no doubt about it. Maybe you worked at a fancy dept. store in another life??? Isn't that a Laverne and Shirley episode?? I think I may be slightly Christmas crazy...I'm the one responsible for the Christmas Magic at our house, too.

Mom said...

They are beauteous! I missed making my gifts pretty this year, but with the mess at my house and packing them up for travel it was not practical. The paper is pretty neverless.

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely creative wrapping you have going on there. Found your blog off of the Winter Bella site and looking foward to seeing what you get up to with those projects as they are sure to be equally wonderful.