Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Hold on to your hat, Harriett! 'Cause the next few weeks are going to be CRAZY! Lots of stuff going on all of a sudden. Brady is winding up his time at summer camp and we're trying to work out visits to the grandparents before school starts. My work is moving to a new office so there's lots of excitement going on there, too. It's just crazy as summer comes to a close!

My sister and I stole away an afternoon and took Brady to the Zoo this past weekend. We had a nice time even tho' Brady kind of pooped out on us. We never did get to see the baby elephant or the giraffes. Oh, well. We did get to see the penguins and puffins and Brady rode the train lots which was what he really wanted to do. Couple photos turned out decent, I suppose. My sister, Marisa looks great, doesn't she? She's been doing Weight Watchers and I marvel at her discipline and determination. What an inspiration you are, girl!

I started a Photography class on Monday night. Unfortunately, I am convinced I need to upgrade my camera, but the good news is I don't want to upgrade a lot. Just a little more reliability and zoom. It will probably have to wait until Christmas, but we'll see. It's going to be a great class and I'm looking forward to learning alot. Also, have my class coming up on Sunday at Red Lead-canNOT wait for that!

Well, like I said, lots going on. My head was spinning at one point today as I was trying to figure out how to cram everything in the next couple of weeks. Off to bed to rest up for tomorrow. We have school supply shopping tomorrow after work. Already that time again. Enjoy the rest of the week. Looking forward to a fun, but busy weekend, too! You know what they say...

time flies whether you're having fun or not! ;)

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