Monday, July 02, 2007

Technology-my new BF

Well, actually Technology and I have a very LOVE-HATE relationship. After nearly three hours on the phone with tech support from Texas to India, we are officially wireless. Can you hear the chorus of angels!?! OMG! What a nightmare. But whatever the gal from HP in India did it worked and we are up and running. In fact, I am entering this while sitting in my Edith chair. The only downfall is our laptop is quite big (17 in screen) so it is rather heavy, but after what I've been through to get this far I'll take it!

And all so that Brady can access the internet for his Wii game system and play the new Pokemon Battle something or another. But right now it isn't working correctly and he's having a meltdown. So, duty calls. I'll check in later. Just wanted to share my excitement about this seemingly monumental accomplishment! :)

BTW, does that thing look very Robbie the Robot or is it just me?


Tammy said...

Isn't so cool to have internet in your air?? Breathe it in and enjoy! Congrats on conquering the enemy of technology. At times it's a pain in the arse ;) but where would we be without it???

gale said...

Congratulations!!! Mine was easy to install - "oh, Brian...." LOL But - the kids wanted it for their laptops. Mom doesn't have one because she's too busy paying for college and buying laptops for them. Oh, well, what goes around comes around - and I can't wait! :) Enjoy!