Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chicken Soup

You know all those Chicken Soup books? I love the way the stories and antedotes make you feel warm & fuzzy-just like hot soup on a warm day. Well, today, I had chicken soup a couple times...

Flipping radio stations while driving in the car this afternoon and Rich Mullins' song, "Boy Like Me, Man Like You" came on. Man that dude could write music! Started thinking about the summer Cameron and a friend of ours saw him in concert one night here in St Louis and the very next day drove to Columbia, MO to see him again. What a fun memory. I look forward to hearing Rich play again in heaven some day. Truly our loss was heaven's gain.

I've really been enjoying working with some of the photos Jeff's mom gave me for Grandma Alice's 100th birthday party. One of my favorites is a picture of her with Jeff's grandpa. Everything about it says 1940's-the clothes, hair, everything. And I imagine that they might have been on their way out for the evening. Perhaps to a picture show or to another couple's home to play cards. Anyway, loving this photo and finally decided to try my hand at canvas collage ala Pamela Garrison. It's not quite finished yet-have to decide on a verse to stamp on it and add a couple more embellies, but here's how it's going so far. Oh, the chicken soup part you ask? Well, just getting my hands dirty-decoupaging, painting, loved mixing the colors together and all the layers of paint and vintage wallpapers. Being brave enough to try and happy enough with the results.

So, that was the Chicken Soup today for the musician and the artist in my soul. Hmmmm...hmmmm...good!

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