Sunday, September 14, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

It was appropriate that our lesson through the Bible in Sunday School class this morning was on Noah and the flood. Ike made it's way inland and arrived here early this morning and dumped several inches of rain. The ground was already wet from rain earlier in the week and we've had an exceptionally cool and wet summer by comparison to most summers. The creeks and streams just couldn't take it. This was the excitement we saw after our lesson on Noah.

This is the golf course and driving range where my husband works. My husband's clubs are inside. He's not a happy camper since he has a tournament tomorrow. We're hoping the water quickly recedes back into the creek from which it came. The ducks, well they're just swell. And the froggie he seemed a little lost. He's almost as green as a pickle! (Sorry, Mom-just couldn't resist getting a picture of him.) And look at that worm. Yep, it's a worm nearly ten inches long-thought it was a snake at first. And check out the fellas in the sailboat. We weren't sure who they were, but I guess they saw an opportunity to work on their skills. There was a decent sized crowd standing "on shore" cheering them on.

We've had lots of excitement today. Our little guy headed off to fifth grade camp this afternoon. I'm sure he'll do great, but it's hard to let him go and have these adventures. I know he's in good hands and I'm going to keep busy while he's gone so I won't think about it.

<---This is Mr Hirschi, his teacher. He is VERY tall. Brady's trying to do bunny ears over his head!

I'll remind myself of the lesson we had today in Sunday School this morning that God keeps his promises and that he's in control. I'll be thinking of those in Texas and Louisiana tonight too and the long days many of them have ahead. I'm hoping there will be a rainbow in the sky just for them.


cindy said...

We were fornunate...after all the warnings from the local newscasters we did not get as much rain or wind as had anticipated (which was good). Hope it all worked out well for the hubby's turny!


mom said...

Yuk! You know I hate frogs. I hope Brady has a good time at camp. I sent a card this morning.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti, thanks for the post. Yes, Sunday was an adventure for all. Thank goodness for sunny days and rainbows...