Monday, September 08, 2008


I am thrilled to report that I have finally finished my first quilt. YAY! I have been learning SO much. Particularly about sticking with it and that handmade does not equal perfection. I am so grateful to have my mom right beside me pointing me in the right direction, letting me use her fabulous machine and cheering me on at every step. I'm having alot of fun spending this time with her-sweet memories.

I just love that it is so girly. I love, love, love these Anna Griffin fabrics.

To me, the back of this one is as cute as the front. Way simple, but WAY cute!

I used Sulky variegated threads for the feather embroidery stitch. Machine embroidery was definitely the way to go. I'm pleased with how the appliques turned out. I actually only made a couple mistakes with the machine embroidery. The circles were very easy and the monogram wasn't bad. It was those pesky flower petals and leaves that gave me the most trouble.

My next quilt project will be for my other niece on Jeff's side. I'm still hoping to use the Heather Bailey fabrics I purchased, but can't make up my mind whether to try a new pattern or this same one. Not sure how those bold graphic prints would workout with this applique. It wouldn't be a big deal to do something different, but Rachel loves to have the same as her older cousin Morgan. We'll see. I really want to use the POP GARDEN fabrics for her quilt-they remind me so much of her little personality.

While I was finishing up my quilt yesterday, Mom was busy making up this sweet pin cushion. We ordered these little kits from Heather Bailey's new online shop. We are anxious to try and make her yummy pins, too from wool felt, vintage buttons and yo-yo's (the fabric kind). ;)
Between the two of us, we have more projects than either one of us could ever hope to complete. But that's half the fun, isn't it!?


Tammy said...

Very, very sweet! She's a lucky girl!

Cindy said...

Oh, Patti, it came out wonderful. I love the quilt! Good job!

Marisa said...

Way to go!!! It turned out great! Keep the momentum going!!!
M...When the next sewing b?

Diane said...

Patti, it is absolutely beautiful - glad it turned out so wonderful, your niece is absolutely going to love it!

MOM said...

I really enjoyed helping you with this project. We always have a good time doing crafts together. We'll tackle the other quilt when you are ready.
M - any time you want to get in on the fun just let us know.