Friday, September 12, 2008


Just 10 short days until we leave for Disney. I can't wait. Not just because this is one of my favorite places, but because we have needed this vacation for such a long time. In fact, it probably wouldn't matter if we weren't going anywhere at all, but we'll be happy to get away from it all with Mickey and all of his friends.

Here's a list of the Top Ten things I'm looking forward to the most.

10. Taking a "class" with one of the Disney animators. I'm hoping Brady will do this with me again. He really suprised me last time and got into it. Wonder who we'll get to draw this time?

9. Dinner at the Polynesian-we didn't really know what to expect last time so we're happy for a do over. We did get a walking tour of this property last time though-we got off the tram at the wrong stop! It's like you have been dropped off on a Pacific Island-all the plants are so lush and beautiful. I hope Brady gets a chance to do the coconut race this time.

8. World Showcase-there is so much to see that we didn't make it all the way around the world last time. Hoping to get to the other side and spend a bit more time in Paris-since that's probably the closest I'll get. Can't wait to see Alice and Mary Poppins and watch the Beatles perform in merry old England again, too.

7. The Living Seas Aquarium-we didn't walk through this last time so I'm hoping to get to do so this year. The tanks are HUGE!

6. A Bug's Life 3D-this totally makes you feel like a kid again. Every sense gets a workout and everything seems so real. Not sure I can get Brady to go back to this one. It kind of gave him the heeby-jeebies.

5. Soarin'-the imagineers worked overtime on this one! You truly feel like you are gliding over California. Wonder if we'll be able to see Arnold waving at us! Seriously, you can smell the grapes as you pass over wine country. It's awesome!

4. The Spectro Magic Parade-we had a great place to see this parade last time. Hope we're as lucky this year. This is an AMAZING parade and all of the characters come out for this one. Cinderella's coach is my favorite with Prince Charming on board.

3. WISHES-there's nothing quite like fireworks at Disney. And even tho' I know it's really just someone on a zipline, there's something magical about Tinkerbell flying towards Cinderella's castle to start the show.

2. Stopping to look around and realizing all of this was because one man had a dream and followed his heart.

1. Just spending uninterrupted time together making memories. That's the absolute best part of a vacation no matter where you go!

It was hard to limit this list to just ten things. It's so much fun watching Jeff and Brady interact at the parks. They canNOT wait to ride Yedi mountain or the Rockin' Rollercoaster. The most adventurous I got on the coasters last time was to ride Test Track at Epcot. It is very cool-my dad and brother would love it. Then there's the new Nemo show all done with elaborate puppetry and Haunted Mansion that we didn't do last time and riding on the riverboat at Magic Kingdom and breakfast with Mickey the last day we're there. I'm also hoping to get to window shop a bit at some of the shops. See? There is so much to see and do.

Ah, Disney here we come!


mom said...

That sounds like you are going to have so much fun. Maybe I should go there some day. Hope the weather is great - not too hot - not too wet. Love ya.

Marisa said...

I love how excited you are about your trip. Best travels!! Make a memory.

cindy said...

Sounds like such fun! Want to hear all about it when you get back!