Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This & That

As I seem to have ADD today I thought I'd blog out my random thoughts. Review and ponder. Or not. :)

We're nearing the 30 day mark towards our trip to Disney. Trying to get my lists and thoughts together. Want to plan some family activities to build up the excitement. Although it's probably not necessary-I think we're pretty excited as it is! Top on the to do list is to purchase a pair of really comfy walking shoes. This has never been a favorite activity so I'll have to make myself get out and get it done. Can you believe I've never seen Beauty & the Beast? Yeah, me either. Planning to rent some Disney movies for the weekend including Nim's Island. Has anyone seen it?

Ran into a little snafu with the quilting. Suddenly it is not the idyllic, relaxing activity I imagined it to be. I'm confident with Mom's help it will all work out, but I was not thinking happy thoughts last night as we discovered my jelly rolls were warped! This adventure is to be continued.

Heard that one of my artsy pals was in this magazine so I had to track it down and buy it. I hesitated at the $5.99 price tag, but it has proven to be a great value. It is chockful of great ideas including several items made from celluclay, a type of paper maiche. (Includes full instructions and patterns for all projects where needed.)

Last year I made these for my Sunday School kids from a similiar material.
This year I'm going to try these.
They are adorable! Can't wait to give it a try plus a couple other things in this mag.

Yep, still in the Christmas mode. Have a special event I'm participating in the first weekend in December. The wheels are turning as I plan my display and come up with a demo or make 'n take. Eventually I will finish setting up my etsy shop and plan to sell some items there rather than locally. I found out pretty quick just why etsy is such a big deal. Stay tuned-it will happen enventually.

Have you seen Martha at Wal-mart? She has a whole line of craft stuff that is a separate line from what she carries at Michaels. Some interesting things. I purchased a dove paper punch and some labels the other night, but her patterned paper packs were very tempting-and a good value. May have to go back and pick one up

We've had some cool days here so I am already getting anxious for fall. Seems like once school starts it's easier to let go of summer. A farmer near us has bountiful sunflowers I've been passing every morning and I've been seeing lots of recipes for pumpkin everything. If it rains this weekend as they're calling for I'm going to make white chicken chili. I'm in the mood for fall suddenly.

I think I'm coming down with a cold. Hope not, but it feels that way. I stocked up on lots of fruit at the grocery tonight. Thinking positive "I am not getting sick" thoughts as I head to bed.

Good night!


Cathy said...

I can't wait until your etsy is up and running. Will one of your snowmen from last year be available? I want to buy one, and of course one from this year if that is available as well.

Mom said...

Sounds like you have busy times ahead. You will finish that quilt! And it will be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Whew! That was a lot of blogging. Nim's Island is one of my favorites!! Great family adventure...Keep on Keepiing on..Your quilts will be beautiful and from the heart and hand. What is your departure date for Disney? Hope your having a great week...Keep creating.

Dee Dee said...

After browsing through your blog,I'm guessing your Etsy stor would be a hit. :) Enjoyed it (the reading).

cj said...

i went looking for your site to show my Mom and for the life of me..couldn;t remember the letters so I googles your name and VOILA! there you were. I enjoyed reading your blog....Ih ave a project I would like your input on..its not anything that I think that you have done before but you may be able to use some of it on your projects. Thanks again for sharing...sometimes a new perspective is all it takes to turn around a bad day.