Sunday, August 24, 2008

A First

Brady and I survived our first local Yugi-OH tournament yesterday. He was in heaven! It was actually very interesting. Like you've walked into another world-they have their own language and terminology. Brady met a nice friend who's mom drove him from nearly 30 miles away just to play. WOW! And although winning isn't everything, he actually came in fourth place which the store owner said was really good for a first time tournament player. When the tournament was over I asked if he had a good time. He said, "One of the best times of my life!" You can guess where I'll be spending alot of my Saturday mornings from now on.

After our Yugi-OH adventure we took a stroll through one of my favorite antique malls. I really should stop wasting my time at junk and thrift stores since this particular mall always has such a nice selection and things are in such good condition and clean. I hadn't been in awhile so it seemed as though they had a better than usual selection. I was on the lookout for several things-holiday paper ephemera, millinery (so scarce in our area), photo cards and candy molds.

Several booths had a great selection of old photos. I picked up a few more to use for journal covers. I particularly like the ones that have decorative advertising on the backside. Inspired by Rebecca Sower, I've made several for gifts and have become addicted to making these. I need to share a photo of the next one I make.

I also picked up a beautiful embossed Christmas postcard. The backside is as beautiful as the front! Can't wait to use this for something. The colors are so rich and the background is gold IRL and has the texture of moire ribbon.

Here are a couple more items I picked up. Like I said, there was so much to choose from. Not sure if there were new vendors or if they'd just redone their booths, but I had to get out before I carted too much home. I'm particularly pleased with my dolly head. It's the first one I've purchased in person-the others were all found online. And the divided compote full of buttons was a steal at $10.99-they are truly my addiction. I'd passed this particular container up on several others visits and couldn't do it this time.

And although I wasn't looking hard, I managed to find a small squirrel metal candy mold. There was a turkey one in the same booth, but I passed it up. I'll bet I regret that. I was looking for them because I'm hoping to graduate from Delight airdry clay to actual paper maiche inspired by Teena Flanders and her book.
This is what kept me company during the Yugi-O tournament this morning. The book itself is gorgeous, but I love the creative philosophy of this renowned artist. In the chapter on Getting Started she writes about setting up your workspace, "Everything I use should inspire me so I search for bright pinks, creamy whites, and spunky nostalgic prints." And I love how she describes the joy of creating during the winter:
"I love winter because of the long evenings. There seems to be more time for all sorts of beautiful and meaningful projects and quiet family moments. The house smells of gingerbread and the fireplace smolders all day long, creating a calming atmosphere."

A girl after my own heart! I could go on about this book for several more paragraphs, but I'll save that for when I actually attempt working with her beloved medium. Let the baking and glittering begin!

Not sure where the time goes. It's already Sunday evening and the start of another work/school week is just around the corner. There was so much more I wanted to accomplish in these two days. Still need to tell you about my Paducah adventures last weekend. Haven't forgotten just busy, busy. I'll try to post about it before the week is over. Have you noticed all the butterflies out and about? There was even one inside Walmart this evening-it nearly landed on me (that's good luck, I think). Lots of monarchs in our area making their way to Mexico. Love catching a glimpse of one as it flutters by. Be on the look out for them and say, "¡que tengas suerte en tus viajes!" (safe travels and good luck!)

Okay, I'm going to crash for the evening and begin doing some of the handwork on "the quilt". Mom and I worked to prepare the appliques today and I've begun stitching the stem of the oversize flower onto the quilt top. The next decision I have to make is whether I do the blanket stitch around the rest of the appliques by hand or machine. We had the quilt laid out today with the appliques in place. It's going to be SO cute, but right now it has become my nemesis. Not sure I'll ever get finished! Actually, I'm getting very close to having it completed and ready to go to the quilter. Can't wait to show photos when I get to that point. I'm off to work on tying a quilter's knot. :)

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way to go at the yug-gi-oh tournament Brady - Matt is very impressed!