Sunday, August 10, 2008

I really should call it a day

I just had to share how I spent my Sunday afternoon and evening. Started working on one of the quilts for my nieces for Christmas. I managed to get all the pieces cut (with mom's help) and got the front sewn together and started on the back side. Really had alot of fun working on this today. Very relaxing with the Olympics on in the background and chit chatting with mom. Hope to get back to it next week after mine and Brady's quick little trip to Jeff's parents. Here's a peek at my progress so far. I just love this Anna Griffin fabric from her Carolina line.

<-----Proof that I really am making this quilt! Mom set up a foolproof way for me to keep that 1/4 inch seam allowance going. Yeah, Mom!

<-----Thought I'd include the picture from the pattern. I think I was drawn to this one because of the monogram. I'm going to use a bit more of a script font since this is such girly fabric.

<-----This is the start of the backside. Takes a long time to sew 31 jelly rolls together-whew!

<----- We really did have fun. Doesn't look like it from this photo though! ;)

This weekend was just so nice all the way around. My sister in law and I took the boys bowling on Friday afternoon. Brady's looking forward to having cousin Matt spend the night and all day on Tuesday. He is SO excited!

<-----Patiently waiting his turn to bat (he's last on the roster this year).

On Saturday we went to watch Brady's baseball game. Had a good time, but got sunburned. Way crazy tan lines from only an hour and half in the sun. I'm a wee bit sensitive! We followed that up with an early dinner with Jeff's folks. An early birthday celebration for Jeff's dad whose birthday is tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Can't wait for our little trip at the end of the week. I understand there is a spa visit in the works-what a treat! We're also planning to Shop in Paducah including a trip to Hancock's for Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabric. Other than that no real agenda other than to just relax and enjoy.

Have you been watching the Olympics? The opening ceremony was great and I've been trying to keep up with all of the US's star atheletes. Be sure to catch some of it if you can. I think the Olympic spirit is infectious. I love the ideal of the Games. With what's going on particularly between Russia and Georgia (not to mention Iraq and the rest of the Middle East) we could use a little of that peace and goodwill year round.

Okay, I'm going to try to call it a day. Have a great week. Hopefully, I'll check back in before we head out of town.

Take care!


Cindy said...

Yeah! Great job on the quilt!

cindy said...

Love your fabric that you are using for your quilt! LOVE anything that Anna Griffin does. And I must be the only person NOT watching the Olympics! :P LOL. Oh well. Party pooper...that's me!


Dee Dee said...

The quilt looks lovely. The having fun pic was a giggle.