Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School with a Quilting Hangover

The summer seemed to end abruptly this morning for the Mullican family. Brady headed back to school this morning. You can see he was none too keen on it. That's okay, bubba. Mom and Dad weren't quite ready for it either. But off he went and one day down. It takes us awhile to get into the swing of the school year, but we'll get there. We were all a little groggy this morning after our extended weekend.

I spent the day yesterday at Mom's sewing and made considerable progrss, but I had a major quilting hangover this morning. I definitely underestimated how time consuming the process of quilting can be. It is an amazing process though and certainly many analogies can be drawn from it. I spent right at 8 hours yesterday sewing jelly roll strips for the back and then working on the border for the front and adding rickrack. I'm just amazed how differently the whole looks after each step or addition. I'm very pleased how this first quilt is turning out and will soon be ready to do the applique. This will be another new adventure and I'm looking forward to learning how it works. I hope to have it all ready to go to the quilter by the end of this weekend and will be sure to snap a couple photos.

For tonight I must catch up on some housekeeping and paperwork that have been neglected as of late. Hope to share photos and stuff from our mini vacation later this week. Stay tuned!

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Marisa said...

Happy first day Brady!!! What a cutie pie.
Sounds like your quilting bee went well..Have a great week.