Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

It seems Dolly has moved inland and is dumping bucket loads of rain on us today. I didn't let it dampen my spirits tho' as I embarked on a little adventure "off the midway" this afternoon. While Brady was at his class I ran into the little consignment shop where I have some items. Kind of curious if anything had sold since I left them earlier in the month. But mostly, I went to check out the victorian photo album I keep coveting. Although it is priced well, I just couldn't bring myself to purchase it again. I think I've gone in there about 5 different times this month! It's in great condition and LOADED with photos. Yeah, not sure what I'm waiting on. But I did come away with a couple of really good finds I am just giddy about. I could hardly contain myself as I paid for them.

I got these two beautifully illustrated children's books from the early 194o's for $20. They have gorgeous illustrations that I can't wait to scan and use in my artwork. I'd like to use this one for one of my Christmas projects.

<-----I am particularly fond of this one, too. Makes me think of Mary Engelbreit. Throughout the book there is a beautiful patina on the metallic gold ink-just stunning. Really can't capture that with a photo and too large for my scanner-the books are easily 9"x12". For now, they've quickly found a home on my piano.

I also picked up a school dictionary which was super cheap at only $3 considering the amount of use I'll get from it. It has TONS of great illustrations and several full page color illustrations including this one. Yep, want to do something really special for my dad with this one. Sorry-the scan is really wonky-it is a thick book!

Then, just for fun I picked up these.

<-----He reminds me of my brother as a little boy.

<-----And I just loved her serene contenance. My collection of adopted ancestors is growing!

Well, just had to share my newest finds. I think my feet are finally dry and warmed up. We've had so much rain this afternoon that the parking lots are like creeks. At one point I was soaked up to my shins! Anyway, have to get the elves back to work around here tonight. They got the night off last night to watch Jeff Lewis and the gang. I wanted them to see it could always be worse! ;)


Lisa said...

Love the children's books. What great finds and a great price to boot.

Mom said...

OMG! I love the artwork in those books! Can't wait to pay you a visit and see them in person. You made a great find.

cindy said...

Lovely finds. I love old illustrated kids books too. So beautiful are'nt they?


Amanda said...

Ooh - what neat pictures! Those will be great to use in artwork, what a good find. The dictionary will be fun to use too!