Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Need A Little Christmas

Oh, yeah. That's right-Christmas. And boy do I need a little Christmas right this very minute. I was hoping to be elbow deep in Christmas at this point in the week, but I just can't seem to get motivated. Not sure how designers work seasons ahead. How do they forecast what consumers will be looking for? What colors will be popular? And how do you get in the mood for Christmas when it's 98 degrees and 60% humidity outside?!?

I'm determined tomorrow to come home and turn down the A/C, put on the Christmas cd's and get to work. I have an exciting opportunity to place some of my work in a local shop for the Christmas season, but the deadline is looming. Would love it if you could lend some inspiration and help create a little Christmas in July for me. Leave a comment and let me know what you look forward to the most each Christmas season. Do you have a favorite recipe? activity? What are your favorite scents of the season? Holiday movie or song? Come on, now. Help me haul out the holly!

P.S. Did you know there only 154 shopping days until Christmas?


Marisa said...

Wow now that you've said 154 shopping days...
I love going to the tree farm, being all bundled up and pulling the tree cart looking for just the perfect christmas tree. The walk is great but also picking out the tree that becomes the center of our house for the season. That's one of my favorite parts...Merry Christmas in July!!!!

cindy said...

Girl! LOL! You are making my head hurt!!! But you are right, and something I need to think about as well. One of the things that helps me is, I start getting lots of wholesale catalogs (about right now) all showcasing Christmas. Then I dig through my stash of mags and pull out all the Christmas ones. And like you said, A Christmas CD or two, always helps. My fav is Charlie Brown. As for trends? How knows. Do what you love! Last year I did black and silver..this year, hmmmmmmm maybe pink and royal blue? LOL. Good luck!


Tammy said...

Favorite things about Christmas: hot chocolate, carols, twinkling eyes of children, store decorations, having the nativity set sitting out, being at home at night with just the tree lights on, all my childhood memories :)