Saturday, July 19, 2008

Waitin' for the repair man

I put this together yesterday afternoon while waiting for the repair man. I ordered this vintage supply kit from Jenni Bowlin earlier in the week and was surprised it came so quickly. Thought I'd piddle with it while I was waiting and followed her lead and assembled this photo folder. I printed off some of the photos from 4th of July at my parent's lake house. This was a quick little project and could easily be duplicated. I've often purchased little folders to mail snapshots from Target or Hallmark, but this is easy enough to make and much more personal so I think I'll do this again sometime. Love the vintage map and the tiny foil stars. The tiny cardstock tags are from Making Memories and the large glittered star is from Jenni, but the rest of the supplies are all vintage. May mail this to my dad so I'm not sure I'll part with some of the vintage pieces, but instead save them for a future project. He won't be nearly excited by the old clock face and vintage playing cards as me!

As it turned out, the repair man finally arrived and said it would take at least 2 hours to rip my new couch apart and fix the tear the delivery people made in the back of it. The dispatch center hadn't allowed enough time so he'd have to come back. ARGH! Bummer. At least I was able to be productive while I waited and Brady had been on a field trip so the afternoon wasn't a total waste.

On the way home from picking up Brady, I ran into one of my fav junk palaces. Found several pairs of vintage "Grandma Swan" earrings. My grandma used to wear lots of these clip on earrings-I think of her everytime I find a pair. I use these on lots of my projects and this particular store is a great spot to pick them up on the cheap.
I also picked up these beads and will use them on some Christmas projects I hope to begin this week.

Just a little share. We have kind of a busy weekend and probably won't get to continue working on my studio much (made ALOT of progress last weekend). Brady has picture day for baseball today followed by a double header provided they aren't rained out. Tomorrow we'll take him to Illinois for a couple days with Jeff's folks to break up the summer a bit for him. He's looking forward to shopping with Mee Moo and bowling with Baw Baw. Then it'll be Monday again. SIGH.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

I think your Dad would like the project from your trip to the lake. Good job.

cindy said...

Sorry to hear about your couch...bummer. But loved that folder, how cool is that. And great finds on the earrings.