Monday, July 07, 2008

Scenes from the Lake

Wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from the Lake this weekend. My apologies to my sis-in-law, Julie. I guess I didn't end up with her in any of my shots. Truth be told, I didn't take that many. My family is a little photo shy. Well, except Matthew. I think he thought I was shooting photos for Missouri Conservationist! He just kept posing and casting for me on Saturday!

We had a nice visit to my parents Lake house over the 4th of July weekend. I can understand why my Dad enjoys it there so much. It's so quiet and peaceful-well, except when we all descend on him! Took a boat ride with my dad, had wonderful bar-b-que and smores. Played cards and spent time with my niece, Emily-can't believe she will be taking her driver's permit test in October-yikes! Emily even inspired me to get a book read this weekend I'd been wanting to read all summer. Brady got to spend time with his fav cousin and Uncle Mike-he just adores my brother. If you knew each of them you would marvel because they are so different, but they seem to have a connection and I think it's great. Mike can get him to try outdoor things noone else can. Although, I don't think Brady ended up tubing this time. He did get to do fireworks with Mike and Matt though-thanks, Mike! We even stopped at Central Dairy on the way home. What a treat and a bargain! My sister commented that the cones we got would have been $4 or $5 at most places. They were HUGE and we paid $1.50. Their Moose Tracks ice cream is my favorite-yum!

As always, I love spending time with my sister. She is so much fun and is probably the most laid back in our family. And that's saying something 'cause we are all aware we're wound tight as a drum! It was good to go and get away if even for a little while and be with family. Now, it's back to the regular routine of the work week and back to the to do list.

Speaking of to do lists-have you been watching Flipping Out on BRAVO? Oh, my. Definitely one of my indulgences this summer is watching Jeff Lewis. His assistant, Jenni is my favorite. If you haven't checked it out and need a good laugh you should set your TIVO or DVR. What a riot!

Here are a few things on my list this week:
Looking forward to working on my studio and getting back to my wallpaper project;
Hoping to get rid of some more consignment stuff;
Want to get a bookshelf painted for the studio;
Have the junk in the garage hauled away.
If I can check all those things off my list it will be a very productive week indeed. Here's hoping!I'd like to get back to my quilt project and work on some other art stuff-I'm having withdrawal! In fact, I hope to get over to mom's to make an apron I picked up pattern and fabric for a week or so ago. It's TOO cute! Okay, well, maybe I won't get ALL of this done this week. A girl can dream, though right?


cindy said...

you sound as bad as me! LOL. hope you get it all done. Looks like you had a great 4th too.


Cindy Lammon said...

Fun things on your list. Why would you want to get everything finished? Then there'd be nothing left to do! ha! ha!

Marisa said...

Hi ya, thanks for sharing the pics they are great! I think I had a dream about that ice cream last night. YUM! YUM! Good thing it takes an hour to get there....Road trip anyone.