Friday, May 02, 2008


Inspired by a recent blog post by the lovely Andrea Singarella of One Hundred Wishes, I decided to bake myself a cake in celebration of my birthday today. And it's a bigee-the cupcake and the birthday! 45.



4 decades and a half.

45. (said in my best Rob Schneider voice)

This is the first birthday that it's seemed to bother me that I'm getting older. I'm trying to take the high road and follow Oprah's lead. Trying to embrace the whole aging gracefully thing. But I feel like she's yelling from the top of the hill, "Come on, girl! Move it! Let's go!" as I trudge upward falling steps behind with every step I manage to take forward. But trudge on I must. So embracing my inner Oprah, I'd like to share 4 things I've discovered about myself since turning 40 and 5 things I'd like to accomplish in the next few years before I turn (gulp) 50.

fOUR things I've learned since turning 40

1. the past belongs in the past-let it go

2. be grateful for the everyday and savor it

3. life is not perfect and neither am I-and that's okay

4. trust your gut-you know more than you think

fIVE things I'd like to do before turning 50

1. learn to quilt

2. visit a California flea market

3. plant a rose garden

4. start my own business

5. celebrate my 50th birthday in Paris (or New Zealand)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sister Patti!!!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday! Relax and enjoy your weekend!!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday!!! I missed you today and wanted to make sure you know JB and I thought of you todya! Hope you have a wonderful day and go for your dreams!!

Cindy Lammon said...

You go girl! Take it from someone closer to Oprah's age - it just keeps getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Patty!
I would AMOST be willing to have another birthday just to have "your cake".
I love looking at your blog, looking at the beautiful things you create and reading what you have to say....You should write childrens books!
Love you

MOM said...

Looking back next year or 2 years from now 45 won't look bad at all. Think of yourself like fine wine - - you just get better with age.

cindy said...

Happy Belated Birthday honey! (LOVE the Rob S. voice)...LOL. I'm a few years ahead of ya (whince) and all I can say is..."better than the alternative"...LOL...!

Hope it was a great one!


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday! Cake looks yummy too!

M said...

Happy Birthday! Celebrate in Paris for your 50th! I did it last year for mine - 20 of my friends and family joined my partner and I for a dinner cruise. We came from all over the world and had a wonderful time. It was something I will never forget! Start planning NOW, it gives people a real chance to save to participate.