Monday, May 12, 2008

At Last

Tara Whitney recently began a Project of the Month post on her new blog. At the beginning of each month, she posts a BEFORE photo and describes the project she wants to finish by month end when she posts an AFTER photo of the completed project. She invited her blog readers to play along. Well if you know me very well, you know I have enough unfinished projects to fill an entire year of POM's (Project of the Month)! However, I thought Tara's new POM very inspiring and in that spirit Jeff and I have started trying to get some things accomplished around here.

At last one of the first projects is completed. YIPPEE! These shelves from Pottery Barn had been lying on the floor downstairs in our family room since January. Thanks to one of the fellas from Jeff's work they were finally hung up this afternoon. I love how they look! Going to play around with the layout of the frames, but that's what I like most about these shelves/ledges. It's so easy to have a rotating display and to incorporate three dimensional items along with the photographs. All of the photos displayed except the one in the green frame were taken by Tammy Heckel.

The light streaming through the windows downstairs was so great this afternoon I just had to snap a photo of my Brady boy. He didn't sit still for long-he was working on writing and drawing a cartoon among other things. Okay, I'm off to try and get some other things organized to see what else we can accomplish this week. Who knows, you just might see me posting a few finished POM's over on Tara's blog!

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