Tuesday, May 13, 2008

sPRead Your wINGS and FLY

Our family had a wonderful day on Sunday. Not only was it Mother's Day, but it was Confirmation Day for my niece, Emily. I was honored to be able to participate in the worship service by being part of the choir. My vantage point allowed me the joy of seeing my entire family sitting together in worship singing, praying and taking communion. The highlight of the service was when we gathered around Emily as a family and laid hands on her and prayed that God would guide and sustain her on her personal journey of faith. I'm hoping she knew just how much love was surrounding her at that moment and felt the sincerity of our hopes and wishes for her to grow in God's love. Here are a few pictures from this special day courtesy of my sister-in-law, Julie. I managed to forget my camera!

<-------Emily with her pastor who did a great job not only teaching, but discipling as well. Thought it was great as part of their program they visited a
seminary, Catholic mass and synagogue.

<-------Me with Emily's other grandma. It was Janet's doing that I briefly stepped out of retirement for this special occasion. She is the pianist and organizes the choir at their church.

<--------Emily with her two godmothers (me and Julie's sister, Linda)

<----------this is the historic church where the confirmation took place. One of the oldest churches west of the Mississippi. Such a picturesque building. The stained glass is simple, but pretty. I wish it had been sunny so you could see how pretty they were.

<--------these two jokesters always seem to make me laugh. They kept laughing at me every time I teared up-which was often!


cindy said...

What a wonderful thing..for family and for her. You are blessed indeed.


Mom said...

It was a wonderful, special day for all of us. Glad Julie shared the pics with you.

Anonymous said...

It was a Great Day!

bnovacek said...

that church is gorgeous!!! wow! congrats to emily :)