Friday, May 23, 2008

Pitiful Timing

The start of summer beginning with the Memorial Day holiday is something I always look forward to. We had planned to head out to the Lake today for a brief visit with my family. I'd really been looking forward to taking a very big deep breath and enjoying a relaxing time of just hanging out together for a day or two.

Well, as most plans go (yes, I am often a glass half empty gal) I came down with an upper respiratory infection. Since I wasn't feeling up to travelling today, Brady rode along with Grandma and I've spent the afternoon in my chair under the quilt with ice water and a diet coke nursing my sore throat and cough. Not exactly how I had planned to start the holiday weekend.

I recently picked up Mary Emmerling's new book, Beach Cottages. In the introduction she writes, "If you have ever loved a beach house, you know it holds a place in your heart forever. " Ever since our family rented a house along Fort Morgan beach near Gulf Shores several years ago, I have longed to return to the shore. That trip affected all of us on many levels. A few years after our trip my parents bought a lovely house on Lake of the Ozark on a quiet inlet cove. Shaded by oaktrees and covered in hostas and other perinnials it's a wonderful retreat for all of us. It has all the necessary components of a beachside cottage- sun, water, laughter, flip flops, no schedules and all of us together. Like many of the cottages featured in Emmerling's book, Mom and Dad's place at the lake holds a fondness for all of us. We love being there all together. Hopefully, I'll be well enough to join everyone later this weekend.

As a consolation and to keep the beach theme going, fate brought me Rogers & Hammerstein's Carousel on TV this afternoon and my eagerly anticipated copy of LA Postmark-la petite livre arrived in the mail today. Now I'm just waiting for the meds to kick in and hopefully I'll be back on track for the holiday.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend-Happy Memorial Day!


Anonymous said...

get well quick....we need you! signed your family.

Tammy said...

Hope you feel better soon :)

Mom said...

We miss you. Wish you were here at the lake. We are having a good time despite the fact that it rained cats and dogs most of today. The sun is trying to come out now - promising a nicer afternoon.

cindy said...

Oh honey, so sorry to hear you are under the weather...summer time colds are ugh. Hope you get better. Cute banner too!