Saturday, November 03, 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday?!

Well, it's my little sister's, too! Happy Birthday, Missy! Just love my sister and am so glad she is also one of my best pals. I hope you have a wonderful day today and an even better trip to Mexico. She and some friends are going there to celebrate her momentous birthday. Earlier today she told me it is 82 there today. Sounds lovely doesn't it?

Enjoying the crisp fall mornings here, but need to begin pulling out some warmer clothes. Soon I'm sure we'll miss our balmy days. Going to spend the day with no real agenda other than to get to Target and spend time with my hubby. He leaves for his annual golf trip with his brother and dad tomorrow. And then...

yep, SILVER BELLA! In just 5 short days Tammy and I will be heading to Omaha. I am excited about every aspect of this trip. Still having to pinch myself-I CAN't believe we're actually going! Trying to trade a class with someone so I can get into a class with Pam Garrison. Don't know that you'd be able to contain me if that happens. Keeping my fingers crossed it works out!

Going to spend some time this weekend trying to pull together my "costume" for our Friday night Vendor Faire/Party. The theme is Southern Fried, but this is more what they have in mind HERE. Also, so excited that Chris Brown from Urban Prairie is the guest speaker for our luncheon on Friday. I described him to my sister this morning as the Jesse James (tattoed husband of Sandra Bullock-not the gangster) of country decorating/collecting. Check out his website HERE. I think I'm going to go for more of a Mary Emmerling look (classic jeans and white shirt, lots of silver and turquoise and hopefully, a cowboy hat). I'd love to do something more gypsy-esque, but I'll have to leave that to Tammy!

Great start to my weekend this morning-hugs from Brady boy and long phone call with my sister. Topping it off with Starbucks. Hope you have a great weekend, too. Enjoy!

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Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to Missy!!! Have a Margherita for me! (on the rocks, salt and lime -- on the beach = perfection)