Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ready, Set...

Just a few more to do's on my list and then I'll be pretty much packed and ready for my trip except for last minute things in the morning. And what's that you say? Where am I going? Why, to Silver Bella, of course! I'll save you from reminding you how excited I am. But in case you're wondering, here are 5 things I'm looking forward to (in no particular order).

1. spending time w/ my BFF

2. taking a class with Pam Garrison

3. hob knobbing with the who's who in the paper arts world

4. coming home in the Christmas spirit with gifts already made

5. the junk gypsy themed party on Friday night

Can't wait to share all the details when I return. You will not believe the attention to detail that has gone into this event. Even the tickets for each of our workshops has been artistically created by the teachers and designed to be souvenirs.

Ready, set, let the glittering begin! YEE HA!


Cathy said...

I expect lots of pictures and lots of details!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Cool hat!!