Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cheap Therapy

My husband doesn't believe me when I say the cheapest therapy on earth has to be paper and glue. Spent the day doing what I set out to do-just playing. And manged to get all my snowmen
Well, started anyway. Inspired by Pam Garrison and Colleen Moody, I decided I would make snowmen ornaments for our Sunday School kids. They have to air-dry for 24 hours and then I'll paint them up, throw on some glitter and velvet ribbon and a jingle bell or two. This is just the BEFORE-stay tuned for the AFTER when they're ready for their closeups.

I was also able to put together the Bella's Banner kit I purchased from Pam Garrison at Silver Bella. The base of these are chipboard cards from Maya Road.
Covered with patterned paper designed by Amy Butler, vintage wallpaper and book text and embellished with my fav glass glitter, these were a blast to work on. I was super nervous tho' to freehand the letters, but managed pretty well for my first time, I think. I'd like to make another one of these if I can get my hands on more of the chipboard cards.

What a relaxing day. Sure beats fighting the crowds in the stores! And while you can debate whether it's the cheapest, there's no debating it's my kind of therapy.


Tammy said...

That banner is so darling. Good for you for taking time to play! I love the little snowman assembly line! said...

OH, wonderful, the kids will love the snowmen!! I saw those at Silverbella, but didn't get that class, durn it. I'd love to make some.