Monday, November 05, 2007

Life is Bee-utiful

What a day this has turned out to bee. Brady and I met Cam after school to see The Bee Movie. How fun was this movie?!? Very quick-paced and witty as is usually the case with Jerry Seinfeld. And don't know if he meant it to be, but it was very timely with the message of how every life has value and the place even the smallest of creatures have in our world. Fun times with my boys. Laughed so hard watching them do Dance Dance Revolution-the faces they make are hilarious!

And, I can't believe this has actually happened, but I just found out I will be taking a class with my favorite Bella of all, Pam Garrison. I think I am in shock! This whole trip has been a dream and now this is just the cherry on top. The project for this particular class is too, too sweet-Jack on the Box. We'll be making a paper maiche snowman on top of a box we'll decorate as well. I have a thing for sad-eyed snowmen, you know!

Speaking of Seinfeld, have you seen the Brad Paisley video for the song, Online with Jason Alexander? It also stars William Shatner and "George's" mother as well as Patrick Warburton and Taylor Swift and Kelly Pickler in the LIVE concert scenes. Oh! and Marsha Brady (Maureen McCormack). Very funny.

Laughter is good for the soul! This has been an all around bee-utiful day!


Tammy said...

I am sooooo happy for you. It's the cherry.
And...glad you had a fun afternoon with your boys.

Mom said...

Those 2 boys are the cherry on your cake. That other stuff ~ ~ not so much.