Thursday, November 15, 2007


wanna know a secret? i'm getting really jazzed about the holidays. i can't believe thanksgiving is next week! can you? do you think it's too early to begin listening to christmas music? i'm dying to dig out all my cd's. it was so fun at silver bella to have christmas music playing in the background of some of our classes. can't wait to finish up some of those projects this weekend-think i'll just have to put on the christmas tunes. i usually buy at least one new christmas cd each year. technically, i already made that purchase-michael bulbe's ep from itunes. but don't tell! ;)

we have had several beautiful fall days this week. really enjoying the leaves and the sunlight-so pretty in the afternoon before the sun starts setting. trying to take it all in since it lasts such a short time. when we were in nebraska last weekend we noticed the trees had lost most of their leaves already. always so good to be back home again as john denver would say!

still hoping to post about my weekend at silver bella. it's been fun seeing our photos and blog links show up on other bella's websites! this is quite a network of glittery, fun, crafty gals. i'm still so overwhelmed by it all. here's a great blog of a gal i met there. she and her pals have a shop in kansas city that is only open on saturday's. they have some great stuff-can't wait to vsit their shop. check out her blog HERE.

okay, it's thursday and i'm still exhausted from last week so i'm off to put on some comfy cozy clothes and settle in for the evening and get ready for grey's. total tv junky that i am. until tomorrow...

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