Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who's To Blame?

I guess it's the Christmas music, but I am SO in the holiday spirit tonight.
This is Jack. He's one of the little snow fellows I've been bringing to life. He and his friends are so cute-if I do say so myself! Here's a peek at how they'll eventually look. Well, minus the jingle bell. I forgot to purchase jump rings at Michaels. I did slip one into the cello bag with some faux snow and wee! what fun! They're really going to look sweet all packaged up with a candy cane. :)

And look what I exchanged for my chips at Bread Co. Aren't these darling?!? Not sure what I'll do with them, but I couldn't resist. Whoever did their holiday marketing this year did a great job. Even the paper they wrap your sandwich in is uber cute!

Can you tell what colors I'm loving this year?! Okay, I'm off to paint some more carrot noses!


Cathy said...

Oh so cute! I want to learn how to make those. You are doing a great job! Your class is going to love them!

Anonymous said...

I would like to make 24 snow men can you help? M

Mom said...

Very cute. You really are bringing out your artistic side lately. Love it. said...

I adore your snowmen-what are they made of? I have been looking at similar ones in different shops and they are out of my price league-it would be great (and satisfying) to make my own!
mary w
edinboro PA