Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wonderfully Exhausting Weekend

This is one of the many treasures I came back with this weekend. My MIL has some of the best photos of her growing up years. This is just one of the many prom pics of her and my FIL. One of her prom dresses was just layer upon layer of chiffon-gorgeous! Ran out of time to scan alot of the photos, but managed to get this one. Check out her shoes-they are almost identical to the Kenneth Cole ones I wore on my wedding day! We had a great time looking at photos and going through stuff for some of the projects I'm working on.
She was so sweet to give me this jar of the most gorgeous buttons and there are several clips including this pair of beauties.
<-----I'm certain they're bakelite. Going to make a cool bag or something and use them on it. Thinking of framing some of the buttons ala Rebecca Sower. I believe they belonged to her mother who was an accomplished seamstress. We had a great time working on "the party" and visiting. Lots of late nights and early mornings.

Taking a break this week and trying to get back in Sunday School mode. Working on decorating the classroom and getting everything in order to begin a 13 week study of the Ten Commandments. Looking forward to seeing "our kids", but will miss Brady as he is now a fourth grader and has moved on to another class. Our lesson series has a travel guide theme-any good ideas for implementing this theme for 2nd and 3rd graders? Can't help but think of the John Candy/Steve Martin film Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Tomorrow is already Thursday and as usual, I'm looking forward to the weekend-sleeping in, trying to get rid of the piles and piles of sTUFF around here and maybe even some shopping. We could use a good catching up on things kind of weekend. Only 45 days and counting until the party of the century! Grandma Alice is SO excited. Tried to get a little info on some of the pics I've been working with when we visited her this past weekend. She is sharp as a tack and a hoot to visit with. I told her I was working with a photo of her when she was 18 and she said, "I was a foxy chick, wasn't I?" Too funny! The clock is ticking so I'll be back to working on those projects by Sunday afternoon. Starting to feel the pressure a bit, but must.keep.moving. Yep, keep moving forward-that's my mantra!

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I *heart* buttons!!!!