Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Wrap uP

Here's a recap:

After junkin' on Friday afternoon, I went to a concert with my sister on Friday night-Matthew West, Barlow Girl and TobyMac-the Portable Sounds Tour. WOW! am I old! I had to use earplugs during TobyMac's show, but it was amAzing! He continues to set a very high standard. And Barlow Girl-well, those girls can ROCK! Oh, my! A fun time and thanks to my friend Julie we had awesome seats and still have our hearing (she provided the earplugs)! BTW, check out their websites to find out what they're all about and a sampling of their music. Good stuff! and

On Saturday, I was suffering from a TobyMac hangover so production in the Factory suffered a bit. I managed to make one hat and pretty much finish one other project. Jeff and I stayed in rather than going out since I was feeling a bit under the weather. I did manage to be able to clear a couple spots at the kitchen table for us to eat our take-out dinner together.

Today, my boy came home-yeah! We miss him when he's gone-it's such a strange feeling. Anyway, he had a great time with cousin Matt and grandma and grandpa at the lake. Earlier in the day, Jeff and I went to Sunday School and then out to breakfast (First Watch). I managed to sneak in a nap and then ran to Kohl's. Let me just say they have some beautiful Christmas stuff already out. Very shabby chic and vintage. I'm also loving the Vera Wang stuff and hoping Tammy will buy some of it so I can live vicariously through her! Instead, I picked up these for my tootsies. Yep, can't wear the Fergilicious shoes they make either, but scored some adorable slippers. Going to slip into these and listen to the Fergie cd my DS gave me and see what else I can accomplish yet this evening. (I know, the pic i not the best 'cause I was trying to no use a flash so not sure you can you tell just how delicious they are! Trust me-the perfect pale pink sweater knit w/ crushed velvet pink bows. ADORABLE!)

Looking forward to the coming week. Nothing special going on, but hoping to get the rest of the hats completed and start taking back my house. The mess is out of control and making me crazy. I think it's cutting into my productivity. Imagine that!?! Oh, and I have a new addiction thanks to Tammy-iced chai tea latte from Bread Co. Yes, sorry Starbucks, but they win w/ that one!

Have a great week everyone!

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Tammy said...

those shoes are sweeeeet!!
Don't you think that Chai is a little taste of heaven?? Yummmy.
Glad the boy got home safe and sound and had a good time with gma and gpa. Those are the best memories.