Tuesday, September 11, 2007

FliPPing Out

The start of each school year signals one of the biggest events of the year-the Scholastic Book Fair! Usually our PTO hosts a bar-B-que, but this year they mixed it up a bit and instead hosted a pancake supper complete with a professional flipper. What a blast! Brady gets so excited about this event every year, but with the addition of the pancakes (his favorite) he. was. in. heaVen!

<--------Check out all those jacks on the griddle! The pancake man had an awesome machine that dropped all those on the grill nearly at one time. SO cool!
Here is Brady taking his turn at catching his cakes hot off the griddle. After feasting on pancakes and sausage we headed to the gym for the book fair. The boy came home with two books and a poster-anything to get him excited about reading. A fun time!

Oh, and the title has a two-fold meaning. My newest reality TV addiction is Flipping Out w/ Jeff Lewis and the gang. Oh. my. goodness! He kills me! I think that's what I'd be like if I owned my own business. WAIT! that IS me without the business and the pets! Oh, and the million dollar homes and the wardrobe and Range Rover and... well, okay just his neurosis are like mine. It's so scary it's hysterical. Jenni is my favorite. Does she look like Julia Louis Dreyfus or what!?! I love her voice and wish I could tap into her calm energy. Ommmm...

Well, either way, flipping out tonight is/was a good diversion.


Tammy said...

How flippin' fun! Cute pics!!!

Cathy said...

How funny! Our Elementary school did the pancake flip for a couple years and it so much fun. Crazy how that kind can calmly coordinate and flip all those pancakes! LOL!

So funny about Flipping Out! That's my new fav also. I had it on the other day while working and JB called wanting to know why I was laughing so hard. It was a mini-marathon of them (already) and I was cracking up. It took me a few times of watching it to get "into it" but now I'm flipping out over it! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what fun!! Brady is a Swan!! He likes to read.

Anonymous said...

What a fun time. Thanks for sharing via your blog. Always enjoy looking at your pics. Brady is a jewel! Love him.