Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hunt and Gather

Been doing alot of hunting and gathering lately. But most of it has been done via Etsy and Ebay since I rarely have the opportunity to comb thrift stores and garage sales. This is one of my recent purchases. It's so fun to get these things because some of the sellers take such care in packaging. Almost more fun just opening the package than using the contents inside!

This tidy little package contained wood dominoes, 2 china doll legs, anagrams (worth the purchase price for these babies!), wood blocks, BINGO cards, Stratego pieces (teeny tiny), wood game pieces-one really old and the perfect shade of shabby chic blue, puzzle pieces and pieces from a letter game. And the little bonus was several round tags punched from my fav Foof-a-la paper! I live for the little bonuses they send!

My next purchase (hopefully) is a china doll head. She's SO sweet! and after the story Grandma Alice told about the doll she received for Christmas one year as a little girl, well, I MUST have it to add to one of my projects!

Wish me luck this weekend. I'm hoping to lock myself away in the "factory" and get ALOT accomplished. Brady will be at the Lake with my folks so I should have no distractions. Just me, my stash of junk and music blaring. Hmmm...we'll see. 22 days and counting until the big party. Guess I'd better step it up!


Mom said...

Good luck this weekend on your projects this weekend. Haven't seen Brady yet - will be here today(Friday). Looking forward to seeing him.

Tammy said...

What a fun box of goodies! Don't forget to have *fun* while you are working at the factory. That's the reason behind all of this in the first place, ya know. Enjoy the weekend!!