Thursday, August 16, 2007

Once Upon a Time...

there was a little girl named Alice Glass. This is the third in a series of projects I've been working on for Jeff's Grandma's 100th birthday. Never know how I feel about them when they're finished. Some of them I like more than others and I'm always nervous to show them to Jeff's mom who's commissioned them (in a manner of speaking). But they are alot of fun to make. My goal is to complete one more yet this weekend. I'm really excited about working with certain photos and now it's getting hard trying to choose just three or four more. Finding lots of inspiration from the likes of Pam Garrison, Sally Jean Alexander and Anna Corba and learning lots of new techniques and neat tricks.

For example, inspired by a project in Anna Corba's book, Making Memory Boxes, I was out looking for materials when I found this box at Goodwill. Funny story - I was by myself and when I spied it on the shelf I gasped as I snatched it from it's place. The lady next to me grabbed my arm and said, "are you alright?". Embarrassed, I said "Yes, thank you." as I clung to my little treasure. The box is pressed metal with an embossed design on the outside-very cool. But unlike the inspiration piece, the box wasn't hinged and being impatient I went ahead and put it together one evening when I was feeling particularly inspired. Anyway, couldn't figure out the best way to hinge the lid to the box , but the craft fairy godmothers advised that I use booktape hinges so I gave it a whirl and ta-da!

And so the story goes that little Alice grew to be a vivacious young woman. And as time ticked by she became a mother and a grandmother. All with grace and a keen sense of humor. She waits patiently for her turn as the birthday queen where she will reign over a magical celebration of her 1oo years of living young. THE END


Tammy said...

that turned out soooo sweet! The little block works great under the 'A' and hurray for gaffers tape!!

MOM said...