Friday, August 17, 2007

my kinda fuN

Okay, this is SO fun! Kind of weird, too, but if you hang in with it the first time and follow all the steps it's amazing what you end up with. And what all you can do with it when you're finished. I finally collected all my supplies and set up a space on the kitchen island tonight to try Sally Jean Alexander's version of collage art. She calls this Abracadabra Collage. WOW--it really is like magic!

The idea is that you write about 10-12 different techniques on separate pieces of paper 3 or more times and then mix them up in a bowl or whatever vessel you find inspiring. She even suggested maybe a top hat! Anyway, you close your eyes and pull out a piece of paper and that's the technique you do first and then pull out another and so on and so on. I kind of cheated on my first try and followed her steps in the book mimicking her color way and stuff. And this is what I ended up with. Unfortunately, the watercolor paper was a smidge big for my scanner, but most of it fit.

I'm using the collages to cover cones which with further embellishment will become party hats to use as centerpieces for Grandma Alice's birthday party. Yes, that's all I'm thinking about these days. (And it shows at my house-it's a total shambles.) Can't wait to make more of these. Just need bigger paper and a proper pattern for my cones. I'm stocked with delicious colored satin and velvet ribbons and some other fun embellishments. Once I completely finish the prototype I'll give you a peek. Just need to embellish around the bottom and I'll have the first one completed.

One of my garage sale finds from last weekend will also get the collage treatment. I played around with it a little tonight and I screamed so loud I woke Jeff up! It's going to be way cool-can you say light kit? Yes! Never assembled one before, but gonna create a custom decorative lamp using collage and my garage sale find. Stay tuned to see how that turns out! Might have to be a special gift for a couple of special someones having an anniversary soon.

Okay, need to get to bed. Brady has his last baseball game tomorrow and then I HAVE to get my house cleaned up so I can collage tomorrow evening. I'm lovin' this!!!

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Cathy said...

Patti you are doing an amazing job! I'm loving seeing everything you are creating! Keep it coming and sharing!