Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day Late, Dollar Short

Yep, that would describe me! Haven't let all of you out in blogland know about my great adventures last Saturday with my fav gal pal, Tammy. Since Brady was out of town visiting my parents, Tammy and I were able to get out early to garage sale and then later in the day hit an estate sale and antique malls. We had a great time! I say it over and over, it wouldn't really matter what we were doing-I just love hanging out with her. She truly makes me a better person. AAWWW! Okay, enough of that.

Probably the best sale we went to was a church rummage sale. We hit the mother lode there. It was SO fun going from room to room and collecting all of our treasures. It was so funny 'cause we like alot of the same stuff, but we worked it out (we are adults, afterall!) We had the best time looking through record albums in one room-25 cents each. Some of the Disney and musical albums have awesome booklets inside. Do you remember those?! We even saw a copy of Keith Green's, Songs For the Shepherd. I got a litte teary. No suprise there, right?!

I'm not sure the estate sale thing is for me though. Kind of a weird feeling to be wandering through someone's home and goinng through their stuff. I did pick up a couple books including Tom Brokaw's, The Greatest Generation (hardback for $4). We managed to fit in a stop at Red Lead while in the area (tee hee hee). Had to consult with our crafty gurus, you know. Not exactly sure what my favorite find from the day was. Might have been this glass compote with silver trim. It came filled with seashells, but you can see I added them to my collection on my fabulous silver tray I got earlier this summer. Although, I did get a lower case "g" printers block to use on one of my Grandma Alice projects-it is pretty cool, too.

By the end of the day I was totally wiped out. But it was SO worth it. Although, while I was cleaning and sorting the next day I kept wondering, "why did I haul all this stuff home?". Okay, gotta run. We have Meet the Teacher night tonight.

P.S. The funk is slowly passing and I appreciate all the well wishes. :)

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