Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Just realized it was Wednesday and thought that was reason enough to blog. Ha! Not that I want to wish away time-I realized when I was filling something out at work today that next week is already the end of the month. Where DOES the time go?!? Jeepers! But I am thankful the week is zooming by and we're on the downside headed towards the weekend. I'm also looking forward to Labor Day weekend coming up-truth be told.

So I'm purposely taking a creative break this week. Meaning, taking a break from creating. But these are some of the yummy goodies I'm looking forward to working with again this weekend. Got my to do list made so I can refocus and get a few more things accomplished before my next meeting with Jeff's mom about G'ma Alice's party. It's been tough though not getting my hands back into my goodies since I've left such a mess everywhere and I'm bascially surrounded by it all. AND because I got a copy of this on Monday. It is so delicious and inspiring I could hardly put it down for two days. Seriously! Secretly, I'm counting the days til the weekend so I can get back at it! :)

I am also loving my little IPOD speaker thing-y I bought at Wal-mart a couple weeks ago. Yes, don't tell my brother I shopped at Wal-mart! Anyway, it is very cool and I love using it at my new office 'cause it keeps me focused. My fav cd right now is Mandy Moore's new cd, Wild Hope. Hey, don't knock it til ya give it a listen-it is very good. Also, lovin' me some Michael Buble. I think he may have replaced my beloved Harry. GASP-yes, it's true. Oh, and speaking of celeb crushes-I have a new one. James McAvoy. YES! If you have not seen Becoming Jane then you simply must! It is FABULOUS! My BFF is a HUGE Jane Austen fan and has read all of her books-most of them more than once. She has been carrying on about her and her books as long as I've known her and yet it was a movie and Mr. James McAvoy who have charmed me. I've set my TIVO to tape anything with him in it. YUM-OH! Who knows, I might even read a Jane Austen novel or two. Even Hugh Grant couldn't get me to do that!

Okay, the boys are back with snowcones so I need to run. Two days and counting until the weekend. As Pooh says, "HOORAY!".

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