Sunday, August 12, 2007


Last Sunday, I took my first ever class at Red Lead, a local paper arts store. I was SO nervous. I mean these gals are very cool, creative, real artist type chicks. I love to visit their store and I ALWAYS leave inspired and ready to get messy and make something-anything. I had never had a chance to take classes or attend any of their workshops so I had high expectations. This class did NOT disappoint-what a blast! Chris and Sharon are so at ease and immediately put their students at ease as well. "Whatever floats your boat" is their mantra as they encourage you to personalize your project and go with your inner craft girl instincts. This is a challenge for me as I overthink everything. I loved the idea that everyone did the same project yet each one turned out completely different. Check out the gallery on their blog for a peek at some of the awesome journals made in our class.

The class was titled, "I Am My Art" and we used chipboard and corrugated cardboard as a base for an inspiration journal. We were taught lots of techniques that could be adapted to many different projects. One of my favorites was the shaker window with vintage buttons. Chris taught us to collage on our base page, add a transperancy and then how to create a simple frame with torn paper strips which sealed the window closed. Also, finally had the chance to work with mica which was very interesting. My new favorite find for adhering heavier items is Ultimate Glue-it ROCKS! I was able to attach a seashell and sea glass to a chipboard tab lickety split and they're not goin' anywhere. Also, tried Lumiere paint for the first time. I know, I can't help but think of Beauty and the Beast! :) It's lovely-had to have it in gold. I can see how you could become addicted to it since you can get it in many gorgeous colors.

Here are a few pages from my book-it's still in progress, of course. Lots of girly pink here-think I finally got my fill! It will be so fun to continue to add stuff to this book and keep it nearby for inspiration and to remind me about all the great techniques I learned. The idea is to have one going all the time adding all kinds of stuff that inspires you-fabric scraps, color combos, magazine articles, recipes, photos, quotes etc.

Thanks, Chris and Sharon for a great time and for your inspiration!

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Tammy said...

It is such a beautiful book, representing a beautiful woman. Proud of you for going and taking a risk outside your comfort zone. Now, you need to teach me all those cool techniques :)