Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Way I See It

Have you noticed "The Way I See It" on the Starbucks cup? I usually have a cardboard sleeve on mine, but often before I throw out my empty cup I slide the sleeve off and read the column. Little blurbs from the likes of Al Franken or Monique giving their opinion or perspective on a particular subject. Although I may not always share the writer's viewpoint, it is always interesting and often entertaining-a little something extra with your cup 'o joe!

Our perspectives-as unique as each individual, are formed by our life experiences and unique vantage point often evolving as our proximity or vantage point to events change. Often, even siblings from the same families do not share the same perspecitve. Each individual has their own take on things. Their own way of how they see or remember things.

As a scrapbooker or life artist, I am learning to document and share my own unique perspective. I have also realized that as my vantage point changes (I get older) I can enjoy a sharper perspective-a widening of the lense. I was reminded of this today at my Uncle Larry's memorial service. Such a touching service because of the honest reflection on a full life. A life filled with hope, heartache, regret, but also filled with much joy and success as witnessed by many different perspectives. It made me wonder how life's events shape how I see my own life or the lives of others.

Widen the lense-how do you see your life? the world around you? Then, listen as someone else tells their own unique perspective as they give witness to how they see it. I'm so grateful that we all have our own unique perspective-our own life stories. As a tribute to my mom's family and all the unique life experiences they have contributed to my perspective-my life story, I'd like to share a layout I did this past Spring about my Grandma Thiem. I have fond memories of following her and my mother and aunties along as they would wander through my grandmother's lush large flower gardens. At least that's how I see it...


Anonymous said...

What great words of wisdom. Thanks for sharing that! That's one of my favorite layouts you've done!!!! so sweet and endearing. I love it!

Mother Bird said...

The first time I overheard someone's view of myself I was a little surprised. I thought I was pretty hep and with it and was shocked to find out that in someone else's view, I was not as I supposed. At another time I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was admired by someone I never thought knew who I was.
I think If any of us had to opportunity to have our record read out to us we would be surprised as to how our world viewed us.
I agree whole-heartedly that each family member views the family in a different light.
Keep writing. I enjoy reading your blog.