Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy ME

Nothing makes me happier than a completed To Do List! And since it's been awhile since I've actually completed one, well today is cause for celebration. So I did me a little happy dance! Good day at work, dropped off Upward Basketball registration, home to pick up Brady from school, change and off to pedicure, then Tae Kwon Do then to pick up Brady's new release game and to Hobby Lobby. Whew! Now, if I can get a few things done after I watch Dancing with the Stars it'll be icing on the cake. Love days like today. Hope I have a few more since we have a full weekend including dinner guests on Friday night. Well, wish me luck!


Cathy said...

Man, I'm exhausted just reading your list. I'm glad you are giving yourself credit. You always accomplish a lot more then you think. You go girl - and while your at it let me know what good finds you see at Hobby Lobby!!

Anonymous said...

I'll have what you're drinkin'! That would be Diet Coke from McD's, right???

Good for you for getting it done. It is a great feeling!