Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A New Outlook

Or at least something new out of which to look. What do you think? I was going for more modern than trendy. I wanted to look stylish and hip, but hoping not to appear trying to look young. My eye doctor said it was time to give my eyes a break from the contacts at the end of the day. My old eyes need a rest. Great! So at least having something new and fun like a new pair of glasses seems to cushion the blow a little when you realize things are going-like your eyes.

By the way, what is all this 50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30 crap?!? Who are they kidding?! I do admit with the bad comes some good. I would say I am beginning to care a little less about what others think and I am quickly gaining an appreciation of time. I hope that I am becoming wiser. But chanting, "40 is the new 30" doesn't stop the aging process. Nor does hair color, new glasses or plastic surgery-unfortunately. But along with the gray hair, fading eyesight and other unmentionable gifts of aging there are some things we can be grateful for. For now though, I'll continue slathering on my Philosphy products and wear my hip specs and do my best to ease into middle age with a new outlook!

I'll be seeing you!


Diane said...

I agree! Who says we can't age graciously (even if we can't be 30 at 40!) No amount of surgery or hair dye (however, I do like my hairdresser more and more with age!) can take away the aches and pains of getting older. No can it take away the knowledge we have obtained through the years and the great friendships we have developed and cherish more and more as we get older!
Your Friend always,

Anonymous said...

I love your new specs!!
As Grandma Ruth says,"don't you look smart!!"
You are one hot mama!

Anonymous said...

Hey girly. Cute Glasses.