Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So It's About Time

that I start talking Scrap since that's really what this whole blog is supposed to be about. And to get my motor goin' tonight was the little indie, "Scrapped". Made me feel so proud to be part of something so multifaceted. As different as each and every person participating. Could get really philosophical, but not gonna do it. Just happy that someone has finally labeled the scrap action I'm into-artistic scrapbooking. YES! That's it. And talk about inspiring and exciting-have ya'll checked out Kristina Contes?! Amazing! She truly ROCKS. (She is featured in the November issue of Creating Keepsakes mag.) I am so jazzed about her and some of the products she is using. I love me some Hambly! Haven't been this excited to shop for product in awhile-really trying to be good. Also, love her idea of using early morning to start the day being creative. Can't get out of bed to exercise-let's see if I can get up to do art! Goodnight!

NOTE: Can someone please let the good folks at Archivers corp headquarters know that their employees need to start reading the scrapbook magazine adds? Can you believe they have never heard of Hambly much less Cosmo Cricket?!? Ugh! Thanks, Cath for trying!

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