Friday, October 06, 2006


Every now and again a gal needs a little inspiration and motivation. Hoping to get motivated to clean my house, I sometimes wander into a couple of my favorite shops. They make me happy and the seasonal displays always encourage me to clean. (My mother never let us decorate for Christmas without a thorough cleaning so I guess that's where that comes from.) Today my motivation was a little candle shop at the mall. I was so thrilled-they carry my favorite candles-Beanpod. They are so hard to find and when I do it's nearly impossible to find my fav scent (Cinnamon Bun). So I snatched up a candle and these great pumpkins. Saw these in Country Home Magazine two or three seasons ago and I just loved them. So there you have it-my motivation and inspiration for getting up tomorrow morning bright and early to clean and get caught up on all things seasonal. Add a little Harry (Connick, Jr) in the cd player and we're on our way!

Here's to a relaxing yet productive weekend!


Anonymous said...

How sweet! At first I thought you had whipped out the rub-ons or foam stamps and made it yourself. I feel better about myself to find out you bought them like that. I need some "fall" decor around here, too. Time to switch the ol' potpourri. I love me some Harry, too, ya know!

Cathy said...

Ooohhhh, I love those pumpkins!!! What a cute idea! There is nothing like a good mantel display. Regarding Harry, wanna share your CD? We could listen while we work. Your getting me in the mood for my Harry Christmas CD!