Friday, March 27, 2009

you've GOT to be kidding

we may get 3-4 in of snow tomorrow night.

1800gotjunk wanted to charge us approx $400 to haul away our junk. our local trash hauler is going to charge approx $40. thanks for the tip, karen!

brady stubbed his toe. the x-ray said it was broken. i let him gimp around for 3 days, but the "bone whisperers" (mom and dad) knew immediately it was broken.

bare minerals comes from "untouched" soil. hope i don't glow in the dark!

i got approx $170 for the clothes i took to resale this week. i took about three years worth of brady's clothes.

my friends from high school haven't changed a bit. we graduated 28 years ago this coming may-YIKES! good to see ya'll (that's for you, robin!)

spring break ends in 2 days. BOO!


cindy said...

Time flies does'nt it? My hsr was this year and ugh...can't believe how long ago. LOL. Hope your baby's toe heal quickly...those boots are not fun!


Mom said...

So sorry for the Brady boy. Hope things go okay for him.
The pic of you girls is great. Time flies when you're having fun.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, Brady boy what did you do? Take it easy.
Autie M