Monday, March 23, 2009

Ah, Spring!

So many lessons and parrallels can be drawn from the changing of seasons, but none more so than the change from Winter into Spring. There's just something about it-this pattern of renewal and rebirth that I find so refreshing and inspiring. I love this time of year when we can throw open the windows and breathe in the fresh air scented with new grass, daffodils and rain. Change is all around as the dull, lifeless landscape gives way to bright pops of color--forsythia, dogwoods and redbuds begin to bloom. And the birds make their return and dash madly about gathering materials for their new nests. Their songs accompany the abundant activity of this new season. Ah, Spring!

I'm hoping to tap into some of that spring renewal this week. Brady and I are on Spring Break (YEAH!) and I have list upon list of things to accomplish. However, we're easing into things today and trying to get organized a bit. Thought I'd start here since I've been absent awhile. The nasty cold I had has lingered for more than two weeks now and completely wiped me out. But I'm on the mend and have things to do and places to go! My hope this week is to get my house in order-literally and have time for some sewing and artwork, too. Way more than I can accomplish in one week, but I'm sure going to try! Here's a couple things inspiring me right now. Perhaps you'll be inspired too or better yet, let me know what's inspiring you!

Nothing says Spring like green and yellow. I'm seeing these colors everywhere -clothes, shoes, purses and I'm completely drawn to them! Can you guess why?

Mrs Meyers. I love the idea behind these products and I'm totally gaga for the packaging, but can't let go of my Tide and Clorox. But it inspires me to clean so that's a good thing!

This bag + this material. Need I say more? MMMWAAH!

She is making me want to get back to my art. Love her take on Alice In Wonderland, but her Frida is magnifico! Check her etsy shop HERE or read more about her in the latest issue of Somerset Studio magazine.


Anonymous said...

Hey ya ya sister. Let me know when your ready to swap. Wed, Thursday, Fri would be best.

cindy said...

When we went to Market in January, we were seeing yellow everywhere...I love that happy color! And great fabrics...yeah I can see them making ya crazy! LOL. And I've been trying to find that issue, must not be down here yet.